California Art Company celebrates the rich 150-year history of art by California and American artists.  With emphasis on high quality artworks by well-listed artists, we offer an outstanding selection of genres, subject matters and eras of painting.

Thomas Hill

"Yosemite Valley"
Oil on canvas
16" x 24"
Thomas Hill Yosemite Valley

California Art Company features historic works by California’s important 19th and early 20th century impressionist and plein-air artists as well as abstract and modern art from the postwar period.  For collectors of contemporary art, we offer select works by recognized and well established California artists.

John Saccaro

"Sensory Complex #1"
Oil on canvas
51" x 63"

Our primary objective is to please the discerning collector by continuing to offer superb examples by well-listed artists with established secondary market and auction sales histories. Even more importantly, we take pride in offering the highest quality works of art within a given artist’s oeuvre. Utmost consideration is placed on every physical aspect of each painting including composition, balance, tone, color and brushwork. Lastly, we pay particular attention to every painting’s condition and framing and select only the best examples of both.